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What is Amazon ranking tool  APR ?


We don’t want to go into detail about the individual measures that improve ranking. We offer an amazon ranking tool which displays the ranking of your product on amazon page. It’s a keyword analyzer. For a specific keyword combination the amazon ranking tool APR shows the ranking position of a seller product on amazon page.
With this amazon ranking tool you can see first of all where your product ranking is on the amazon page.

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amazon raking tool apr
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The amazon ranking tool APR can do this for you. Apr is a ranking tool for sellers product on amazon page.  It checks the amazon  ranking position of your amazon products in live . You can download this ranking tool for only 9,95€ and monitor the ranking of your product on amazon page.



The Amazon Ranking Algorithm

Amazon is known as the largest product search engine. Like Google, Amazon is also interested in showing users in the first position exactly those products in the search results that they are most likely to be looking for. Then the probability of a subsequent purchase is  highest. Amazon wants to generate as much sales as possible with the optimal ranking, while Google’s search results represent a service that makes money related with advertising.

On Amazon an algorithm decides which product is displayed on what rank in the search results the product gets. That is the basis of how well a product sells on Amazon. So for you it is important on which amazon ranking position your product is found and how can this amazob ranking can be improved. For that first of all you need to monitor the amazon ranking of your product for a certain period.

€9.95 – buy Excluding 19% tax


How Amazon ranks its products and presents the best products on the first Amazon page is still a very well-kept secret.

But some criteria, according to which order the Amazon search engine lists the products, are known.

Amazon analyzes the following criteria for this:

  • The relevance that the product has for the customer based on the search query.

The relevance is determined based on the keywords used in the product title, bullet points, backend and product description.


  • the performance of a relevant product

the performance is weighted based on the click-through rate, the conversion rate and the sales.

  • Conversion rate (percentage of successful orders)

the Conversion rate describes how often a product has been bought, for example in the last 7, 30 or 90 days. The sales rank is also based on this.

  • Response time to messages
  • Product dwell time or bounce rate
  • Duration of the order process
  • Return rate.



Keywords are one of the most important Amazon SEO measures for a better ranking. Therefore, thorough research is essential for product ranking on Amazon. As with Google, when doing keyword research, you should define terms that generate the highest possible search volume. At the same time, these keywords should have low competition.



Another important ranking factor in Amazon optimization is the title of the product. Amazon itself recommends including the most important keywords (product name, brand, quantity, material, color) in the title in order to achieve a better ranking.

Amazon Product Ranking Tool

apr is a amazon ranking tool for sellers product on amazon page.  It checks the amazon ranking position of your amazon products in live .
APR regularly monitors the position of your products on the Amazon site for you.  You can follow the progress in diagrams and evaluations and compare it with your competitors.
APR  amazon ranking tool allows you to configure a periodically call of the amazon page in order to get the actual position of your product.


  • APR amazon ranking tool shows you the Amazon search results for a keyword and the position of your product you specified on amazon page
  • NEUTRAL – APR amazon ranking tool is no personalized or localized
  • Free amazon ranking check without limits
  • APR amazon ranking tool is independent of product category

Easy to use

APR amazon ranking tool  provides a live ranking checker which  is easy to use. Simply specify your key word and the product title. Finally you have to specify the number of  pages you want to check  and let the live checker determine your product rank.

APR-amazon ranking tool

Periodic Scan

APR ranking tool provides the configuration for monitoring your ranking. You can configure APR to run periodic scans. For example, scans are carried out every hour or every 5 hours and the product ranking is updated.

The shortest period that can be set in apr ranking tool is 1 minute.

APR ranking tool – periodic Scan and product monitoring

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